Puma shop interior design in Amsterdam

The Puma shop is situated in Amsterdam. He has 290-sq-m space. The shop is created on three levels and the customers will enjoy that. One interesting thing is that the shop is located in a build that is a monument, in theAmsterdamcity.At the entrance of the shop is a puma sculpture that will set your mood from the entrance. The cool color that was used in the shop design makes all the products to stand out. The cool grey tone floor is made from recycled cement. The walls and floors were let intact to reduce waste.

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You could say that the Puma brand is worried about the environment. That is a great start! If that is not enough, well they even go on energy saving. They used led technology, for illuminating, because it consumes less energy, in this way we save more.

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The ceiling let intact was painted into a shadow grey color. The only thing that the designers from Plajer + Franz Studio did to the ceiling was that they lined long peaces of wood so that the room looks more natural. The first thing you should do when you will visit Amsterdam, try taking all the shops in a row, but you should start with the PUMA shop because it is one of the greatest! The exact address of the store is PUMA, Singel 429-435,Amsterdam1012 WP, The Netherlands.