Ingenious Ways To Add A Pulley System To Your Home Décor

Pulley systems are easy to understand and use and, although they have an industrial use, that’s not their only applicability. If you think outside the box and have a creative mind, you can find all sorts of ways to use a pulley, including in your home’s interior design. Here are a few examples.


Use a pulley to lift your bike off the floor and to hang it from the ceiling. Think about it: you’d be saving floor space with this system plus you’ll have something interesting to impress everyone with and maybe even inspire others to adopt the same idea.


And speaking of bikes and ingenious ways to store them, here’s how you can efficiently use a pulley to keep your bike out of the way in a double-height space. Of course, the architecture and the layout of this space make things pretty simple but you can find other ways to apply this idea to your own home.{found on tribestudio}.


A ceiling-mounted pulley system can also be useful in the laundry room or anywhere you usually hang your clothes and let them dry. You can use the pulley to set the drying rack at the desired height, making it easy to use and saving more space.{found on crisparchitects}.


Looking for an interesting ways to make your beautiful chandelier stand out. What if you were to use a pulley to hang it wherever you want? This works great in large or double-height rooms and it gives the space an industrial touch.{found on hufft}.


Similarly, you can use a pulley system for any lighting fixture in the house. So if you have a pendant lamp that doesn’t quite sit where you want it to be, perhaps this can help you solve the problem. You can also just use the concept for the looks only.{found on louiselakierphoto}.


Just look how beautiful this works in the bedroom. The pulley allows the pendant lamp to be hanged at any desired height, making it comfortable and appropriate for the room and the mood.


The ways in which a pulley can be practical in the house are numerous and we just found another use for it. This wall-mounted TV is cleverly hidden behind a wooden panel when not needed and the panel is operated using a pulley system.


Similarly, these windows are kept open using ropes and pulley systems and they add to the overall flavor of the décor, giving the space an eclectic and versatile look. It’s a casual approach, suitable for beach houses.