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The Puffy Mattress: Is It Right for You?

There are two kinds of people in this world: the ones who absolutely relish the process of buying a new mattress, and everyone else who looks at it as a huge, tedious chore. Most of the problem is that there are just so many mattresses on the market these days, it seems impossible to choose which mattress for what kind of sleeper. If you feel lost amid the sea of mattresses, don’t worry, you are definitely not the only one.

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There are, however, a few standalone mattresses that break that generic mattress mold and are worth discovering. The Puffy mattress, for example, is one of these mattresses. Build with hot sleepers in mind and mindful of the importance of spinal alignment, the Puffy brand of mattress claims to be the “best mattress of 2019.” With so many great reviews and sales numbers, it may be hard to convince a Puffy mattress sleeper otherwise.

Lifetime warranty
Puffy Mattress
Puffy Mattress

Puffy mattresses are ideal for anyone who suffers from joint or back pain, or anyone that tends to sleep more on the hot side.

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The Story

Winner of the 2019 Best Mattresses Guide, Puffy brand mattresses come with a list of reasons they deserve this recognition. The company touts that all their mattresses are suitable for all kinds of sleepers. Whether you’re a back, side or stomach sleeper, the Puffy mattress has you covered with stellar spine alignment support. This is an important attribute for anyone, no matter what kind of sleep position you prefer.

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Puffy mattress has excellent customer support, from the beginning of the ordering process to the delivering of the mattress to your doorstep. Several customers of Puffy have noted that customer service help was an important factor in their whole ordering process. At Puffy, the customer is the most important person, and if they aren’t satisfied, well then neither is the company. With free shipping and pretty amazing guarantees, it’d be hard to not at least try out the Puffy mattress just to see what all the fuss is about.

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Shipping, Unboxing, and Off-Gassing

After the ordering stops, the shipping process begins. Every customer is guaranteed to get their brand new Puffy mattress shipped directly to their door within two to five business days. The Puffy mattress ships all across the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Puffy also ships to Canada. For returns, the return cost is fee under the 101-night trial period, but if you have had a Puffy mattress shipped to Canada, Alaska or Hawaii, the company will be unable to cover the shipping fees.

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The unboxing process of Puffy is a breeze. There is no white-glove service provided with this company, which is part of the reason why Puffy can keep their costs so low. Each mattress comes shipped to the customer in a conveniently packaged box, so you simply need to unbox and position the mattress where you’d like it. Keep the Puffy in its container until you know exactly where you’d like to have it placed. This is for convenience in moving a small, prepackaged mattress instead of having to move an entire cumbersome mattress. Once it’s in the spot you want, cut the packaging and let the mattress unroll. The mattress will fully expand in no time.

All materials that make up the Puffy mattress are made in the USA. The foam inside the mattress to the box it’s shipped in are all manufactured within the states, but there can be a bit of off-gassing due to the manufacturing. While this is not a huge complaint with most Puffy customers, it can be a bit off-putting to some. In these cases, you’d simply need to let your Puffy mattress air out for about an hour before applying your own bedding onto it. This helps quicken the off-gassing process and allows any trapped manufacturing smells from remaining inside the mattress.

Lifetime warranty
Puffy Mattress
Puffy Mattress

Puffy mattresses are ideal for anyone who suffers from joint or back pain, or anyone that tends to sleep more on the hot side.

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Initial Impressions

The Puffy mattress is unique in that it comes packaged very small. This is so you can move it easily around a room until you’re satisfied with a spot it’s meant to be in. This is an extra convenience as moving a mattress, especially moving a mattress alone, can be quite the cumbersome ordeal.

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With a smooth, cooling cover, the Puffy feels satiny to the touch and holds plenty of great layers inside to help with spine alignment and cooling support. Each design of Puffy, Puffy, Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal, comes with layers of cooling cloud foam that cushions the body while moving heat out of the foam layers. The cooling cloud top layer is plush but allows for plenty of bounce, so there won’t be that sinking feeling that is sometimes common for multiple foams layered mattresses.

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Each layer provides a level of climate comfort, so it is guaranteed that the mattress will not absorb any heat, even for the hottest sleepers. There is a seven-inch firm core support base layer that holds all these other foam layers in place, allowing for each layer to do their job and work their magic on your spine and other pressure point areas.


Puffy has a multilayer design infused with deep sleep technology to help the body rest for the appropriate amount of time. This means, Puffy knows what it’s like to wake up achy and in pain, so they’ve gone through all the necessary steps in order to prevent that. With that being said, the four layers work in unison: the two-inch cooling cloud foam top layer, the two-inch climate comfort layer, the six-inch firm core support base layer, and, in some mattress designs, there is an additional one and a half plush dual cloud layer for extra support.

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The cooling cloud layers are an award-winning feature that Puffy is proud of. The materials are able to become both soft and firm in the right places and adapt to various weights. This relaxes the pressure points and moves out any weight from those areas. It’s almost as if each sleeper gets a customized mattress, as the Puffy mattress channels weight distribution on its own. This enables the body to be cradled with support and helps drift the sleeper into a comfortable sleep.

The breathability of the mattress is another high point of the construction. This top cooling layer contours to your body, giving you an extra cushion and providing a neutral temperature for your entire body, no matter what temperature it gets at. Keeping the body at a neutral temperature promotes that deep sleep and enables the body to rest longer. Customers wake up feeling refreshed and renewed, which wasn’t a standard sleep expectation for many.

The Plush Dual Cloud layer is responsible for the aligning of the spine and keeping the body free from the weight on the pressure points. The better aligned your body is, the better you can sleep and the better you’ll feel throughout the day. The Climate Comfort Layer was also crafted to control temperature fluctuation throughout the night, so this added layer of temperature control really works wonders on the body.

Features and Benefits

Puffy Full 150x150

There are plenty of features that make the Puffy mattress one of the best-selling mattresses in the market right now. If it’s not all that cooling comfort temperature monitoring foam that has you interested, then the focus on joint alignment should definitely be piquing your interest. These mattresses were designed to maintain maximum sleep health and bring forth some of the best, cutting edge technology that you can find in a modern mattress for sleep science.

These mattresses are designed to keep your sleeping joints healthy and happy. This also, in turn, promotes blood circulation and keeps everything moving the way that it should. The Cooling Cloud foam is adaptive and comfortable. These properties allow for even weight distribution and dissipate heat from all areas of the body. Puffy brands a sleeping experience like none other, and best yet, if you don’t like the mattress for any reason within the 101-night sleep trial, you can send it back at no extra cost to you.

Aside from the different types of mattresses that Puffy sells, they also sell mattress bases, bedding, bedroom furniture, and adjustable stands. There are even a few models of nightstands that makes the Puffy website potentially a one-stop shop when it comes to furnishing your sleep space or just adding some modern furniture into it. The bedding is also made from these cooling properties that the mattresses are made of, so mixing Puffy sheets with a Puffy mattress would be the ideal sleep paradise.

Loft and Sizes

Puffy comes in three different styles: Puffy Mattress, Puffy Lux Mattress and Puffy Royal Mattress. The Puffy mattress comes in all the standard sizes: twin, twin XL, queen, Full, King and California King. The Puffy Mattress comes with three layers. The Puffy Lux Mattress has four layers and the Puffy Royal mattress has five layers. Just like the Puffy Mattress, the Puffy Lux and the Puffy Royal come in all the aforementioned sizes.

Puffy/Puffy Lux
Puffy/Puffy Lux
Twin39" x 75" x 10"/39" x 75" x 12"41/45 lbs$300 off +Free king pillow
Twin XL39" x 80" x 10"/39" x 80" x 12"45/50 lbs$300 off +Free king pillow
Full54" x 75" x 10"/54" x 75" x 12"58/63 lbs$300 off +Free king pillow
Queen60" x 80" x 10"/60" x 80" x 12"69/75 lbs$300 off +Free king pillow
King76" x 80" x 10"/76" x 80" x 12"87/95 lbs$300 off +Free king pillow
Cal King72" x 84" x 10"/72" x 84" x 12"87/95 lbs$300 off +Free king pillow

The loft for each mattress will change only slightly given the varying mattress layers. The more layers the mattress has, the more firm it will be, but also plusher. This is because of the high support foam that is used. Each layer is cushioned on top of the other, so there’s no need to worry about a mattress is too firm or too soft as the material is adaptable to your body weight and size.

Heat Transfer

Puffy is one of the best mattresses on the market for dispelling heat. With each layer devoted to moving out body heat and neutralizing sleeping body temperature, it’s nearly impossible not to get a good night’s rest on a Puffy mattress due to being too hot. Even if you are accustomed to being a hot sleeper and continuously wake up from night sweats, you’d be surprised what the Puffy mattress could provide for your sleep health.

Foam is commonly associated with retaining body heat, but each of these cooling comfort layers helps prevent this by moving the heat out of the mattress. These are cradling layers that will support your entire body but won’t keep you warm in the process.


Each of these types of mattress is highly durable. With so much foam, it’s common to believe that the mattress won’t provide adequate support, but there are also built-in strong, durable base layers that act as a strong foundation for every Puffy mattress. These mattresses provide no sinking feeling and will maintain their shape and loft for years and years to come.

No matter what your body weight is, the Puffy is determined not to lose its shape or construction as it keeps your cool and cradled all throughout the night. Each layer is devoted to promoting a restful sleep through bodyweight joint management and temperature regulation, so you are guaranteed to have the best sleep of your life.

Maintenance, Protection, Care and Warranty

Maintaining your Puffy mattress is really easy. For any minor spots or stains, you can do a spot cleaning with some detergent and warm water. Most mattress protectors can be washed in standard home washing machines and dryers, so simply wash an extra like bedding sheets and mattress protectors in your standard home machines.

The mattress is protected under the 101-sleep trial warranty and has an amazing lifetime warranty on the mattress itself. This means if anything happens to your mattress as far as bad processing or a faulty item, Puffy will replace the mattress free of charge to the customer. If anything goes wrong with the overall construction of the mattress, the company is more than happy to correct any wrongdoing on their part.


The Puffy mattresses will run you anywhere from $500 to about $3,000 just depending on the type and the size. As Puffy is the cheaper end of the three, the Puffy Royal will cost you more due to the increase in layers and the loft of the bed. As all mattresses are cooling, the Royal has two more cooling layers than the Puffy alone, so their costs are determined to cover the materials to make these incredibly plush mattresses.

Lifetime warranty
Puffy Mattress
Puffy Mattress

Puffy mattresses are ideal for anyone who suffers from joint or back pain, or anyone that tends to sleep more on the hot side.

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The furniture and bedding prices just depend on the style and make. For example, a standard pillow to accompany your Puffy mattress will cost anywhere from $75 to $100, just depending on the size. The bases and frames options are available for all kinds of budgets.

Reviews and Feedback

Puffy Full 150x150

The Puffy mattresses have garnered plenty of positive reviews on their website. Overall, the Puffy remains a highly rated mattress even in other mattress reviewing sites. Most customers seem to appreciate all the cooling layers and the ability of the mattress to keep body temperature neutralized. These are, after all, features that are not so common in standard mattresses.

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Each of the products on the Puffy website has a star rating, and not one item on the website is below a four-star rating. Many customers touted having the best sleep of their lives and comment on the versatility and ease of using the Puffy customer service department.

Who Should Use the Puffy Mattress?

Puffy mattresses are ideal for anyone who suffers from joint or back pain, or anyone that tends to sleep more on the hot side. If you wake up uncomfortable due to joint pain or body heat, try out the Puffy, as this mattress is set to remedy both of these issues.

Puffy Full 150x150

Due to so much foam and pressure point focus, this mattress is exceptional for back, side and stomach sleepers, as all sleep positions will benefit from these pressure-relieving zones. This would also come in handy for any sleeper who deals with arthritis or achy joints on the day to day.

Our Final Verdict

Overall, the Puffy mattress is quite versatile and has many healing properties that many sleepers will find beneficial. Whether you suffer from joint pain or not, the Puffy will provide a cradling sleep that feels as if you’re sleeping on a cloud. Maybe you wouldn’t have even realized the aches and pains you’d experience before sleeping on a Puffy mattress, but you’ll certainly be aware of it after since your pain will be nonexistent.

While this mattress may be a bit pricey for some, there are simply too many benefits including with the price tag. Better yet, if you try out the mattress and don’t like it, simply send it back for a full refund within the sleep trial parameters.

Lifetime warranty
Puffy Mattress
Puffy Mattress

Puffy mattresses are ideal for anyone who suffers from joint or back pain, or anyone that tends to sleep more on the hot side.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Is a mattress cover needed?

Puffy comes with a cover, but other covers are available for purchase on their site.

How does the returns process work?

Return your Puffy mattress within the 101-sleep trial period with no extra cost to the customer. A lifetime warranty is included with every purchase.

Where can these mattresses be shipped?

Anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, and Canada.

Is the loft adjustable?

The loft depends on whether you’re purchasing the Puffy, Puffy Lux or Puffy Royal. Each mattress has more layers than the last, affecting the loft levels slightly.

What type of sleeper is this mattress best suited for?

Best for back, side and stomach sleepers.

Best for what sleep position?

The Puffy Mattresses are best for back, side and stomach sleepers.


  • Cooling foam layers
  • Comes with cooling gel cover
  • Strong base support
  • Ships to the United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada


  • Maybe too pricey for some budgets
  • Still may run a bit too hot for some sleepers
  • May have some potential off-gassing