Salter Professional Bathroom Scales

One of the things a woman must have in her bathroom is the scales. That is a must have because woman have more fat tissue than men and that is why they are more likely to put on weight and also lose it a lot harder. So if you are a modern woman and want to have some “damage control” you should monitor your weight constantly and try to keep it steady if possible. And you can do that if you keep your eyes on the scales. But bathroom scales are also very useful when you have kids and must monitor their physical development. But I recommend the classic model of mechanical scales because the new digital ones are very accurate indeed, but they are also more likely to break or be influenced by other external factors.

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So here is an example of my idea of ideal bathroom scales. These scales are able to measure your body weight in pounds, kilos and stones and look and are advertized to be professional. They show the weight up to 150 kilos with high precision and are very sturdy and resistant. You can purchase them now on Amazon for $53.79.