Procida Black and Burgundy bedding collection

Are you tired of the same old sheets, with floral patterns and tasteless designs? Maybe it’s time to make some changes. This time a more sober and elegant design might be the key. Here’s an idea that might help: the Procida Black collection. Featuring the unique influenced of Neopolitan designs, this collection offer more than just some chic patterns. It’s a versatile collection that has it all: the sleek black sheets, the patterned pillows and the timeless black and white combinations.

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Procida Black.

Procida Black offers a wide range of products. There’s the top sheet, the pillowcases, the sham, the duvet covers, the light quilt and bottom sheet, in other words everything you need to completely change the atmosphere in your bedroom. For each item you have the freedom to choose the size and color you desire. This means you can form your own bedding set. You can either create a matching set, featuring the same colors and prints, you create a contrasting look by choosing a variety of prints and patterns. Combine the colors in any way you want, you can’t go wrong.

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Procida Burgundy.

The price varies according to the item. The top sheets can be purchased for $225, the pillowcases cost $70 each, the shams are $85, while the duvet cover is $425 and the light quilt is $500. The price varies a little according to the color and print you choose.