Pro Space-Saving Tips For Small Kitchens

A small kitchen can be a big minus for any home, whether it’s a house or an apartment. A small kitchen is very uninviting and this can be very frustrating. But sometimes you can’t afford to turn down an offer just for this reason alone. Also, you might not have much space at your disposal so you might be constraint to build a tiny kitchen if you want a larger living room for example.

White industrial kitchen design
If you have a bench placed near the wall, then the upholstery and the wall color should match

Whatever the case is, having a small kitchen doesn’t always have to be a big problem. There are ways in which you can deal with this and the following tips will hopefully help.

Match the seating to the wall color.

White industrial kitchen design
You can do the same thing for an open-space kitchen with bar

Choosing a light color for the walls is a great way of making a space seam larger than it actually is. But this might not be enough if you have a tiny kitchen. Another trick you can use to your advantage is to choose seating that has the same color as the walls. The shades can be different but the base should be the same. This way there will be continuity in the décor.

Think of spice-rack cabinets.

White industrial kitchen design
A spice rack can easily fit into any of your kitchen’s cabinets
White industrial kitchen design
Vertical pull-out drawers are extremely practical and great space-savers

There are lots of things that need to be stored in the kitchen. Spices are part of this category and you need to find a place for them where they can be organized and where they can also be accessible. If you don’t want them in plain sight then you should think of having spice-rack cabinets. You can opt for vertical pull-out drawers and storage compartments.

Armless chairs.

White industrial kitchen design
You can mix several types of armless chairs as long as they look good together

Maybe you haven’t noticed but a chair without arms looks smaller and thinner than one with arms that has the same dimensions. So if you have a small kitchen you should opt for armless chairs. They can be very comfortable and they’ll make your kitchen look more spacious and airy.

Open shelving.

White industrial kitchen design
You can have built-in open shelving on your kitchen’s walls without making the space seem smaller
White industrial kitchen design
Open shelves are great for both storing and displaying objects

When you have a small space and lots of things that need to be stored, it would be best to opt for open shelving. This way you’ll create the impression of a more open and airy space and you’ll be able to use the same amount of space for storage. Open shelves are great for displaying objects as well and they’re very practical in the kitchen.

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