Private Working Corner- Deskshell

Usually when you work you need your own space where you can have all the privacy and comfort that you need. Nowadays there are more and more open working spaces which encourage the team work, communication, collaboration and many other ways to work with people. Still there are moments when you need a peaceful and nice corner of your own where you can express your creativity and imagination.

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Deskshell is an individual enclosure which is perfect for those who would like to work relaxed and have their own working place and also can be used in open spaces. Thus you may combine a private working way with that of an open working area.It is a desk divider which is light, stackable and upholstered in sound absorbing fabric. It is a practical and useful working piece which can be used for any office.

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I am one of those persons who love to work alone, in a peaceful atmosphere where I can focus on my work. I like to be a perfectionist in everything I do although this type of work can take me a lot of time. Still I love the team work and I love to share my ideas with the others.Thus Deskshell can become a real friend when you need your privacy or even you would like to create a surprise for somebody. Sometimes you need to be alone with your own thoughts as the others may distract your attention and lose your best ideas. But at the same time you are close to others so that you can share with them your opinions or make an exchange of ideas.