Privacy pop bed tent special designed for students

Finally am extremely useful item for students everywhere. Although this might not  be ideal as living in your own space, this “privacy pop” tent will definitely be appreciated by people who share rooms, ideal for a dorm room. Those who have lived in such places know what I’m talking about when I say that privacy is out of the question.  This very cool accessory has zip windows on each side of the tent for ventilation and light, when the situation calls it.

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The structure is collapsible and it was designed to fit and twin or twin XL bed. If you’ve seen movies about the collage life and how living in a dorm room looks like you should know that in real life is actually pretty close to what you’ve seen or heard about.  If you’re sleeping and your room mate comes in the middle of the night drunk, lighting the room up like a Christmas tree, you won’t be disturbed.

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I am a student myself and my current  “recipe” for a good nigh sleep consists of using a sleeping mask and ear plugs. It works pretty well, but it has a major disadvantage, I can’t see or hear anything by my roommates do, and if you’re bringing a girl over it can be quite uncomfortable to be yourself. I will probably order this in the next minutes, because it is indeed helpful offering me full privacy in the middle of the room.