Printed, Personality-Filled Chairs: Ideas and Inspiration

Accent chairs can be your absolute best friend. They can fill the foyer, they can dress up a bland room and they’re incredibly versatile. But, what’s even better when it comes to accent chairs is their personality. Modern edges, funky textures and of course, prints and patterns! We love a great chair with a great pattern and today we’re giving you 10 inspirational ideas for when you find the most perfect, printed and personality-filled chair.

1. Chevron Slipper Chair.

Printed chair1View in gallery

In your home office or in your bedroom, this youthful chair will fit right in. The aqua colors are soft enough not to override the room, but the pattern pops enough to create interest and artistic value.

2. Liliana Armchair.

Grey chairView in gallery

The traditional appeal of this chair makes it a popular choice. But, the print gives it interest and personality that a monochromatic choice just wouldn’t have. Use this in your homey study or living room!

3. Stein World Arm Chair.

Stein World Fabric Arm ChairView in gallery

Black and white is classic, and black and white prints are even classier. Use this shaped (and patterned) chair in the dining room as a mix and matching piece or use it in your home office, everyday, just for you!

4. Aberdeen Chair.

Colorful armchairView in gallery

This chair has not one, but two, incredible prints. Make sure you show this piece off in a room that gets a lot of traffic, the living room, dining room or even in the guest room for any of your loved ones to enjoy.

5. Crosby Armchair.

Modern armchairView in gallery

This is the perfect print for someone who isn’t ready for anything too bold or over-the-top. It blends well with any other colors or even other prints. But, it still created a textural, design-worthy style, which is exactly what an accent chair is supposed to do!

6. Zebra Chair.

Animal printed chairView in gallery

Who doesn’t love a great animal print? Using these types of prints is a great choice for those that love to blend colors and styles. This particular chair can literally blend into any room it needs to be in, from the office to the dining room.

7. Floral Chair.

Floral chairView in gallery

Funky and eclectic, we love the colors pairs that helped to create this larger print. This could be the focal point to a neutral room or just another great addition to a mismatched space.

8. Ikat Slipper Chair.

Blue floral chairView in gallery

We love the eclecticism, yet subtly, of this chair. Use it in the living room or even in the foyer for a welcoming, comfortable and design-worthy treat.

9. Addyson Chair.

Brown floral chairView in gallery

The flowers on this piece give it a funky and youthful personality, but the colors give it a more relaxed style. Use this chair out on the covered patio or in the breakfast nook that needs something extra fillers.

10. Linon Taylor Chair.

Simple white brown accents chairView in gallery

The dainty, delicate nature of this chair is the perfect compliment to a vanity or as a duo in the foyer. It’s, like one of its predecessors, subtle enough to blend but interesting enough to create a difference.

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