Prinsgatan 4 A, Linnéstaden Apartment

All Swedish apartments have a charm which you can’t confound or mistake for anything else. It’s like a trademark that characterizes them all and that it’s very easy to remark. Of course, this doesn’t make them all the same. Let’s take a look at this one for example. It has a white-themed décor like most homes in this area of the globe. The apartment benefits from a very nice location, close to supermarkets, shops, restaurant and parks.

Modern apartment interior sweden3

But while the location is important, the interior design is crucial. The color palette is simple and bright. What’s also beautiful is the fact that every little details from furniture to walls, lamps and other accessories share the same simple colors and thus follow a well-balanced design.

Modern apartment interior sweden3

Modern apartment interior sweden2

Modern apartment interior sweden1

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Even though the apartment is located in the hearth in the city and is surrounded by a busy environment, its interior makes you feel like in a beautiful oasis and instantly allows you to relax. It’s why this style is so versatile and charming. Suitable for small spaces, this type of décor can also look just as charming in a large home.

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The apartment has a very fresh look, dominated by the bright color palette, soft and pleasant textures and by the lack of unnecessary details and decorations. The living room is very inviting, with wooden flooring that has a light finish and a very airy décor. The bedroom is very serene, decorated with images from nature and having an almost entirely white interior design.