Prince AHA Stool

When men first started measuring time, they used a stick in the ground and after that the hour glass. In time this tool has lost its initial utility and now it has become a decorative object or something that you use to compare the body of a perfect woman. But now it is a source of inspiration for furniture designers, too. This Prince AHA Stool for example is just a stylized version of an hourglass turned into a stool.The name of the designer is Philippe Starck and he has done an incredibly good job with this product.

The two halves of the stool are stylized cones and the funny thing about it is that they are stackable.  That makes these stools perfect for the kids room and also very easy to store when you need more space. The stools are available in many pastel colours and this will make any room merry and nice and also bring spring colours into your home. If the kids are smaller they can use the stool as a small table, too, and also as the perfect toy or educational material that teaches them geometrical shapes. The item is manufactured by Kartell and now it is available for $93.50.