Pretty looking glass wall shelves

This Wall shelf from Glas Italia is made in 12 mm thick transparent glass or it can be an acid-etched extra white glass. The Glas Italia products are very innovative as well as experimental and sticking to the Italian design principles. The shelf supports are made with chromium-plated metal. This adds to the support system as well as adds to its good-looking appeal.

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Bookcases are almost a must-have in the house. They are not useful if you want to store books in there, but also other little things like collectible and little personal treasures. There are many designed for this type of furniture and all of them are beautiful and special. Some of them are more simple, others more sophisticated, some are small, others cover the entire wall, some are modular, others are not. But when you don’t want to waste time with a large bookcase and you just want some storage space that doesn’t take the whole walls, the shelves are the best choice for this.

Here is a very simple design. These are some glass shelves, very simple and with no details or ornaments. They are really just simple, rectangular glass shelves that re mounted on the wall. They provide you with some space to store your books, collectibles, CDs, DVDs and other decorative pieces and you have in your house. They take little space and they are very practical and functional. And because they are made of glass, the match with everything.Available for £478.