How To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Winter is slowly closing in and, as it often happens, it won’t be late until it takes us by surprise. So how about this year you greet the white season with joy and a fully-prepared house? Here are a few tasks you should put on your list:

Check the insulation.

Bedroom and house insulation checkView in gallery

Make sure your home is insulated properly for winter. The attic should be a concern so, if needed, add an extra layer of insulation. The basement can get really chilly also so make sure you check that space too.

Prep the fireplace.

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It would sure be nice to light up the fireplace on a cold winter day and enjoy the warmth and comfort. But before you can do that, you need to make sure it’s working properly. Check for rats and squirrels and clean and chimney. Get your firewood inside and be prepared.

Inspect the roof.

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Although you may not notice them now, your roof could have damaged shingles and if the problem persists when winter becomes a reality, repairing the roof will be a lot more difficult than it should. So check in advantage and take care of the problem.

Outdoor preparations.

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Make sure your potted plants are nice and cozy and, if needed, bring them inside before they start to freeze. Trim the trees and prep the garden so when winter is finally over you can enjoy the freshness and beauty.

Protect the house from water damage.

Check for water damageView in gallery

Clean the gutters to avoid winter water damage when the snow starts to melt. If sediment builds up, the gutters can fail and repairing them can be a tedious task when it’s freezing outside. You should also check the windows so make sure everything is alright.

Winterize the patio.

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First of all, you should clean and store all your patio furniture since you won’t be using it during winter and it would get damaged anyway. But if you do plan on using the patio during winter, you can leave the furniture where it stands and cover it or keep a patio heater.

Get your snow tools ready.

Snow tools readyView in gallery

Whether you’re used with a lot of snow during winter or not, you should be prepared just in case. Make sure you have a snow shovel, rock salt and sand.

Reorganize the garage.

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Having all these materials and tools is not enough if you don’t have a proper way of storing them. So reorganize your garage and get it ready for winter. Take things off the floor and store them on the walls, create a gear closet, hang racks for your skis and snowboards and keep sand and salt at hand.

Prep the entryway.

Entryway decorated for winter seasonView in gallery

Winter is really messy so you should be prepared for that. Reorganize your entryway. Place mats in front of the door to wipe off the boots, get a shoe rack and extra hooks or hangers for all the big winter jackets and accessories.

Take out the cozy winter textures.

Wood platform bed and tree wallpaperView in gallery

The breezy sheets and all everything else you’re using right now should go in the closet because it’s time to replace them with something a little bit more cozy. A sheepskin rug would look nice on your bedroom floor and wool blankets can really make a bed feel warmer.