Prefabricated home in Palm Springs with a modern but organic design

This is a prototype home that is located in an arid desert region north of Palm Spring, California. It’s a prefabricated home. Because of the landscape, the texture and colors of the surroundings, the materials used for this project had to match those elements. The house needed to blend into the surroundings and to look natural.

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The project started in 2009 and was finished in 2010. The cost was 260 dollars/square foot. The owner/client requested a modest home with an open and adaptable floor plan and a sustainable design. The team working at this project used strong and durable materials and adopted a simple and modern design. They also used efficiencies of factory fabrication to achieve economical sales price.

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This particular design was a prototype that will serve as a model for a future line of prefabricated “system-built” homes. The plan also was to achieve minimal environmental impact while maximizing view potential and required privacy. The result was a modest 90 square meter home with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath.The entire project was made by o2 architecture firm.

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It also features a 30 square meter outdoor deck that floats above the site on structurally efficient columns and beams. Because the house is located less than 25 kilometers from California’s in famous San Andres Earthquake Fault the design the architects adopted exceeds stringent seismic requirements.