Prefab Playhouse by Modern Cabana

One of the things that almost every kid wants as they grow up is their own backyard playhouse. As parents, we want to give them one, but those pre-fab playhouses at the home improvement stores can be extremely expensive for what you get.The Modern Cabana revealed a contemporary playhouse, KIDDO Cabana to their collection of prefabricated living spaces. Designed and fabricated in San Francisco, KIDDO Cabana structures are flat packed and ready for easy assembly and each is available for 1500$.

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The Playhouse  is manufactured using all FSC certified woods harvested from sustainable managed forests in the United States, no VOC-paints and glues and natural tree oil stains. The structure does not need an expert to be put together and you can do that yourself if you follow the clear instructions. The playhouse is perfectly sized for the kids and is safe for them, too. There are no sharp edges and also nothing the kids can break or get loose or swallow or any other hazards for them.

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There are three parts of the door that are flapping depending on the kids height. There is a blackboard inside and also a folding table they can use when they want to and also a little chair next to it. They can roll down paper from the scroll and use it for drawing and the windows are huge in order to let the natural sunlight in. In my opinion this is the perfect place for a kid to play in.