Precipice Fountain

Every garden is beautiful in its way and people understand garden design in different ways: some prefer gardens to be simple and nice, some others to arrange them in sophisticated ways, some people prefer a modern garden while others a traditional one. Any way, most people love water fountains in their garden and this Precipice Fountain is perfect for all. It can be simple, modern, traditional, anything you want to and also it does not need too much space. First of all it is not just any fountain that shows sprinkled water in a funny way. It is, in my opinion, a work of art, something you should admire in exhibitions.

2724 FT 126 Precipice View in gallery

This fountain is modern in design and it is made of concrete. It has an interesting shape and it leaves room for interpretation, as you don’t get its meaning , but you still like it. It has an aged finish called Garden Stone and it includes a water pump that pumps the water up to the top of the fountain and then it will come down thanks to gravity. Meanwhile water crosses a narrow ditch and flows into a concrete basin that collects it and from there the pomp re-sends it back to the top. It is nice and funny and you will not stop admiring it. It can even be the centerpiece of your garden and your guests will love it. The fountain can be purchased for $1,149 from Potted Store.