Practical Sophisticated and Minimal Sofa by Sule Koc

Summer working days have always proved to be more exhausted then the rest of other days from another season. Summer is the season of vacations and most of the people think of a relaxing beach and a nice cocktail then of an annoying office and a tiring boss.

Sophisticated and Minimal Sofa1

For those who are still go to work on this hot period a relaxing place may be even their own bed or sofa from their peaceful home.This was the designer’s idea too, Sule Koc who created a Sophisticated and Minimal Sofa.

First when you see its design you may think it is not a comfortable piece of furniture. For the contrary this piece seems to be very useful and relaxing too. Its skeletal structure is a great support for the cushions that form the actual sofa and its underlying space can be a good place for storage or a wonderful resting place for your pets. Both edges of the sofa seem to be very practical. One edge has a flat surface where you can put different objects that you need to be close to you and the other edge is transformed into a great place for depositing your favorite magazines or books.

Sophisticated and Minimal Sofa1

Now all you can do is to take a sit on this wonderful sofa where you can find everything you need so that nothing can bother your relaxing moments.