Practical Sequel Multifunction Storage Cabinet from BDI

At home my office desk is always busy with all sorts of things even if they are not related with my work. It is also used as a side table where I put my coffee cup, the bottles with different solutions for my baby, pills or cosmetics. Everyday I try to organize all these things and clean up my desk but unfortunately the situation does not get better. The following day looks almost the same.Perhaps I need a larger desk or maybe another piece of furniture like this practical Sequel Multifunction Storage Cabinet.

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It is a piece of furniture designed by Matthew Weatherly and produced by BDI .It is available for $ 1,099.00 in different nuances and materials. As the designer intends to combine the maximum of functionality with the minimum of material for all his products, this storage cabinet belongs to the same combination too.

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Sequel Multifunction Storage Cabinet provides a lot of space for all the files, office accessories and printer.It is a piece of furniture which will complete your office room and which will allow you to have everything arranged the way you like it. Now you can find anything you need as everything is put into the right place so that you can find it easily.

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This practical piece of furniture is part of a collection called Sequel Office Collection which also includes: Sequel Desk, Compact Desk, Return Desk, Peninsula Desk, Bridge Desk, 3- Drawer Cabinet, File Pedestal, Tall File Pedestal, Lateral File Cabinet, Lateral Storage Cabinet and CPU Cabinet.