Practical Plug Cup

It is the era of speed and of new technology. Everybody is in a big hurry and our world evolutes so quickly so that hardly have we reached to adapt ourselves to the new requests. We are in a progressive movement and sometimes we do not find enough time for our tiny pleasures.

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For those who are so busy, work at the office or at home on computer and do not find time for making a coffee or a tea, here it is a device which will make their work easier and faster.

It is a practical Plug Cup designed by Dong Hun Seo, Geun Hyuk Yoo, Ki Sang Yoon & Yune Yae Bang.It is perfect for an instant coffee or a tea. It can be used as a simple 180 degrees rotating 2- pin plug at the base of the cup which hooks on to any power source. You do not worry about its position or spilling because a clamp lock will keep the cup upright at the base and a lid will take care of spilling. The heating element is detachable so that you can clean it easily.

Plug cup

Now your work becomes more pleasant because your cup of coffee or tea is next to your office desk or computer and at the same time you save time and you do not need to go somewhere else to prepare it or get one.