How To Build Or Upgrade An Outdoor Table With Built-in Cooler

A great way to relax and clear your mind is by sitting on the porch or deck, enjoying a nice cold drink when it’s nice and warm out. To make this whole experience for you as well as for your guests, a table with a built-in cooler would come in very handy. You can get such a piece of furniture if you build it yourself from scratch or if you give an old table a makeover

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The transformation process is quite simple actually. You’d have to remove the central portion of the table top to make a hole. In that hole you’ll be placing a container and in that container you’ll put ice. The result will be a table with a built-in cooler for drinks. It’s a simple upgrade which you can take care of yourself using a few simple supplies.

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A large table with a built-in cooler would also be perfect for summer gatherings and parties as well as for barbecues. You can find a nice tutorial on how to build such a table on remodelaholic. The materials needed include a table top, some wood for the frame and legs, plastic planter boxes, bolts, screws, anchors and a few other things. The whole design is centered around the planter boxes so pick these carefully.

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Another great step-by-step tutorial on how to build such a table for your patio, garden or back yard can be found on strawberryjamhouse. Once again, the design is centered around a planter box which can actually be used in two different ways: either as a drink cooler or a planter. The table frame would have to be custom built to accommodate this feature. You can even design a sort of lid for the box so you can hide it and use this piece as a regular table.