Practical Extendable Frame Table from Ozzio

The Italian furniture maker Ozzio presents us some models of extendable frame tables. They are perfect for receiving guests or for your own use. It depends how many guests you wait for.

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All the models of frame tables have a modern design and are made of fine materials such as: wood, glass, and aluminum.Their shape is simple but their most important feature is the fact that they are extendable. You can add or remove the panels so that you get the appropriate size that suits your purposes best.

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Ozzio extendable table

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In case you use it for your own meals: breakfast, lunch or dinner you can get a small table and you get more space and becomes more practical.

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You can put it in your kitchen or in your living room; all depends on your intentions.

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Its dynamic features is another plus that you can use it to your advantage.The fact that you can change its size it allows you to get each time a different design for your kitchen or living room.