Practical DIY Tripod Camping Stool

These days some members of my family decided to spend their summer holiday camping in the middle of nature. They told me that they are prepared with everything and all they need is some fine weather.

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Among their objects they definitely have a practical Tripod Camping Stool. If you intend to use such an object then you may be enchanted to find out that you can do it yourself.Here are the materials you should have: three 1 1/8” Birch hardwood dowels (enough for three 24” pieces), one brass 2.75” bolt, one 1.5” eye-hole bolt, two brass acorn nuts, three brass washers, three brass finishing washers, three brass 1” wood screws (big enough not to slip through the finishing washer), finish, leather or other heavy material for the seat.

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Besides all these materials you will need some tools like: sander, center-finder (optional, but helps), drill, screwdriver, small socket wrench to fit acorn nuts, rags, and knife.

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Now you may follow these instructions and everything will be ok.

Start by cutting your dowels to 24” or as close to that as possible. You can buy two 48” dowels, so each leg is about 23 7/8″ after the saw blade’s share. Drill a hole completely through each one 10.5” from the top of each leg. Find the center of each leg’s top, and drill a small pilot hole for your seat-mounting screws. You will need this pilot hole to prevent your legs from splitting. Sand each of the legs smooth, and sand a little around the edge of the tops and a good amount on each bottom to round them out more. It does not have to be perfect; just make sure you do not shorten any leg with too much rounding.

After the legs are cut, drilled and sanded, apply your choice of finish and set aside to dry. As they are drying, you can work on the seat material. Download the seat template to see the exact size to cut your own. You may choose leather or you can sew up a heavy canvas seat or any number of materials. Make sure it is heavy and sufficiently reinforced, since there will be a good amount of stress on each corner.

Once the legs are dry, assemble the structure by threading two of the legs together with the bolt, using the eye-hole bolt in the middle. Use washers on both ends, and attach the acorn nut. You will need a little play in the assembly to move, but it should not be gaping. Once those two legs are secure, feed the eye-hole bolt into the third leg, and attach with a washer and acorn nut. Tighten both acorns securely with a socket wrenched the smooth surface. After the base is complete, attach your seat to each leg using a large finishing washer and the wood screw. Do not over-tighten and strip out your holes, for you will need all the strength on these mounting points. After everything is secure, you can take a seat. The main bolt might bend a little to the stress, but that is fine; it keeps its bend permanently, and that shape will aid in the folding-up state.{found on ds}