How To Make and Use Magnetic Boards Around The House

Magnetic racks and organizers are just what a home needs to stay organized in a simple and practical fashion. Such organizers can be custom-designed and crafted to suit a variety of possibilities and needs. Aside from the usual knife racks useful in the kitchen, you can also make other things such as a practical organizers for your makeup products or for your jewelry. There are plenty of other examples to add to the list.

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DIY Magnetic Make-up Board5

DIY Magnetic Make-up Board1

A DIY magnetic makeup holder starts with a magnet board. You can paint it however you want in order to customize it according to your unique wishes. Put it inside a frame (it would have to be cut to size if necessary). Another way of customizing the board involves fabric. You can cover it with fabric using spray adhesive. The last step is to take some magnets and hot glue them to the back of your eye shadow and other makeup products.{found on laurathoughts81}.

Necklace hanger organizer

If you want to make a magnetic jewelry organizer, you can find some inspiration for the project on girllovesglam. The project is really simple. It starts with a basic magnetic board which you place inside a frame. Paint the frame however you want. Then you just have to add a bunch of magnetic hooks. Figure out how many can fit on the board or how many you actually need and then just arrange them however you want. You can spray paint them to customize their look.

Magnetic tea chalkboard

A different way of using a magnetic board organizer is described on thirstyfortea. Here the board was turned into a tea chalkboard. The tea was stored and organized into small metal favor tins. These can also hold a variety of other things including spices, vitamins or even jewelry. The chalkboard paint applied to the board allows one to label and decorate this accessory in a variety of beautiful ways.

Fridge magnetic colorful frames

The common place where you’d expect to find a magnet is on the fridge. Starting from this idea, you can make some interesting magnetic frames to display artwork made by the kids or by yourself. The project is described on positivelysplendid. To make these you’ll need frames, spray primer and paint, some heavy duty magnets and adhesive. Prime and paint the frames and then adhere the magnets to the middle of each short edge on the back of the frame.

DIY magnetic boards

A magnetic board doesn’t necessarily have to be dedicated to a particular function. It can be just a versatile surface on which to stick all sorts of things. So let’s focus on how you can craft one. You’ll need a magnetic board, some spray paint, some wrapping paper, magnets and, if you want, some metal tins and mini chalkboard tags if you want to follow the exact project featured on mintedstrawberrytoo. You’ll be able to customize the board with a bunch of other things as well so explore your creativity.

DIY photo holder

A magnetic board can also be used as a display surface for small photos and other things. You can find some inspiration for that on monstercircus. The board featured here was made from a brass tray although you can also pick other options. You’ll also need some magnets which you attach to the back of the tray. Then you’ll be able to display things on it and to hold them in place with metal paper clips.

Wooden magnetic boards

Let’s also focus a little on the things you can display on a magnetic surface. One idea can be to make customized wood punched frames. Find out how to make these by following the tutorial on flaxandtwine. You’ll need some craft wood, adhesive magnets, a frame boarder punch and some photos. Cut a piece of wood to the desired size, punch holes in it and create a design. Add the photos and glue the magnets on. Similarly, you can also make a magnetic notepad or magnetic letters and decorations.

Letters magnetic play board

To make something fun for the kids, check out the idea offered on theeffortlesschic. You’ll need a magnetic board measured to match the cabinet fronts or the portion of the wall you want to cover, a drill, metal screws and washers, foam letters, adhesive magnet tape and a hot glue gun. You can offer the kids a nice play surface on which to have fun with their magnetic letters and other decorations. Magnetic play boards can also be used in other interesting ways.