How To Put Together Your Own Home Garden

Some people find pleasure in taking care of an outdoor garden where they can plant vegetables, herbs, flowers and all sorts of other things. Others, however, prefer the comfort of their home and would much rather enjoy a small indoor garden. In fact, any home could use such a feature. Whether you want an herb garden or a flower garden, you could use some freshness and color in your life.

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An herb garden would make a lovely addition to a kitchen’s décor. The best thing about it is that you can have an indoor garden even in a small kitchen. That’s because it wouldn’t occupy any counter space. The planter can hang from the wall. You can use small metal buckets. They’d look quite cute.{found on paperwhitesblog}.

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Mason jars can make good planters too. But that’s not exactly the point of the project featured on makeit-loveit. It’s purpose is to show you how to make a box for all your mason jar planters so you can call this collection a garden. You’ll need some scrap wood, perhaps some boards from a pallet, two handles and some nails.

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If you’s rather stick with the good old clay pots as planters for your herb garden, at least consider customizing them a little bit. A simple option can be to use chalkboard paint on them. This way you’ll be able to write on the pots the name of the herb it’s holding. Add a cute bow at the top and it should all look perfect. {found on robinbecksnest}.

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If you plan to build an herb garden, you could recycle a few kitchen items to give it a unique design. For example, the planters can be made of plastic bottles and they can be organized inside a drawer without the bottom panel and placed vertically. Actually it could be easier to build that frame from scratch using a few wood boards and a drill. You can find out more about these ideas on bobvila.

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Your herbs could also grow nicely in tea cups. This is a very cute idea in fact. You can combine several tea cups, either from a set or with different, individual designs. You’d just have to fill them with soil and to plant your herbs in them. If you really want to start from scratch you can plant seeds and wait for them to grow. {found on intimateweddings}.

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It’s common to keep potted plants on windowsills. This can mean you can have your own herb garden in the kitchen without using up any valuable counter space and without having to hang them on walls. In addition, the plants will also get plenty of natural light on the windowsill. Consider using empty cans or containers as planters, as shown on apartmenttherapy.

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Another way to offer your kitchen herbs plenty of natural light without occupying the windowsill is suggested on Shelterness. In this case, the planters would be hanging from a perch or rod placed horizontally in front of the window. They’ll hang from hooks and will sit at an angle so you can easily care for them.

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A similar idea is described on 3peppers-recipes. The hanging kitchen garden featured here was created using small aluminum buckets as planters, curtain rods and hooks. The pots were labeled using vinyl letters. The rods were installed over the window so the herbs can get plenty of light.

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Then there’s also the possibility of upside down planters. They’d hang from the ceiling which means they won’t take up any floor space, counter space or any space you’d rather use for something else. In addition, they also look very interesting and definitely stand out. You can find out more about the benefits of upside down planters on apartmenttherapy.

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Instead of using individual planters for every herb type, you could put several of them together in a long planter. Also, instead of a planter, you could choose to repurpose gutters. The inspiration for this unusual idea comes from 1001gardens. There are plenty of ways to customize the gutters to make them look less industrial if needed.

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On 7thhouseontheleft you can find a very simple and very inspiring design which you can use for your indoor garden plant pots. Basically you just have to repurpose an empty can into a planter. Any other type of container would also work. Then attach wooden clothespins to its edge, all the way around.

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As everyone knows, wooden pallets are very versatile and can be repurposed in a lot of ways. For example, you could turn one into a vertical garden for your home. You’d only have to make a few small modifications. The pallet garden can be a freestanding piece or could be attached to a wall. Find out more about the project on diyshowoff.

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A simplified vertical garden design can be found on camillestyles. The idea here is to plant herbs in mason jars and to attach them to a wooden board mounted vertically on a wall. You can paint the wood or stain it. Use ring hangers for the jars and consider labeling each one.