Practical DIY Concrete Planters

If you are one of the persons who love plants and who also take acre of them you definitely need a lot of space and many planters where you can put them.Sometimes the size of a planter is chosen by the size of your plant. A big plant needs a lot of space while a small one does not need so much space.If you have some free time you may also get your own practical DIY Concrete Planters.

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Here it is the list of the materials you need: 5 tupperware containers, 1 tub Sakrete Fast Setting Cement Patcher, as well as a few utensils and solos cups – specifically an old knife for mixing and a measuring cup that had been used for other non-food things and some succulents.

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The directions on the cement tub instructed mixing 5 parts cement with 1 part water – so you mix one cup of the powder with just under a quarter cup warm water and then you start stirring. Stirring then led to dumping the concrete mix into your clean mold. With a little bit of pounding to remove air bubbles the surface will begin to spread out nice and neat.

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On the other hand, here is another mix that includes more water – about a 4 to 1 ratio. It is instantly smoother and fewer air bubbles are released when tapped. For the center, where the little succulents will live out their adorable lives, you can use a simple solo cup as a mold.Then you will be able to plant the succulents which are so little and easily breakable so that you need to be very careful to your planting.{found on theselflife}