8 Easy To Build Chalkboard Desks For Kids

Kids love chalkboards and who can blame them? Writing and doodling with chalk and then wiping it all off is a lot of fun. We’ve tried to recreate the feeling using other methods but it just isn’t the same. Moreover, given how fun chalkboards are, you can also them as educational tools. For example, make a chalkboard desk. There are numerous tutorials that can guide you step by step. You just have to pick one.

Chalkboard Kids Desk

The simplest idea of all would be to take a regular desk and apply a few coats of chalkboard paint to the top. The whole process is very simple and only takes a few minutes to complete. Of course, you can give the whole desk a makeover and also paint the frame a different color to make it look more fun and attractive.{found on bargaincornerdesigns}.

DIY Chalkboard Kids Table

Similarly, you can choose to transform a coffee table into a desk for the kids. And while you’re at it, use chalkboard paint on the top so the kids can have fun writing and drawing directly on it. You can find instructions for such a project on andcute. The supplies needed include a used couch table, sanding paper, white paint, chalkboard paint and a good paintbrush.{found on andcute}.

Kids Chalkboard Tables

If you have two kids don’t ever make them share a desk, especially if it’s a chalkboard desk. Make individual desks for each one of them and try to make them look identical to avoid any conflicts. Check out the lovely matching kids art center tables featured on my-creativeway for some inspiration.

Round coffee table with chalkboard on top

Any table that has the right dimensions can become a fun chalkboard desk for the little ones. Have a look at the example featured Onrevolutionarieblog to see how a table with a round top would look like after the transformation. Of course, such a table can also be a fun piece of furniture for the adults as well so feel free to adapt the whole project.

Creative serving tray with chalkpaint on top

If you don’t have a table you can repurpose, there’s also the option to build one yourself. You can use things like an old cabinet door or leftover wood from other projects. Just be creative. Find out more details about this type of project on houseonharrison. Here you can find out how to make a chalkboard snack tray.

From cabinet to coffee table

Another very ingenious project is described on ehow. It shows you how to build a desk out of cabinets. The list of supplies includes some plywood, nails, sandpaper, wooden furniture feel, primer, chalkboard paint and an old cabinet or nightstand which you don’t mind taking apart.

DIY Homework Command Center

A different strategy is to use chalkboard paint on the wall behind the desk instead of on the desk itself. The kids can have fun personalizing it and you can attach rods and small buckets with hooks for the desk supplies and colored chalk.{found on bydawnnicole}.

Framed chalkboard

We also found another really fun chalkboard-related project which the kids might enjoy. The end result of this project featured on hungryhappenings is not an actual chalkboard but an edible one which the kids can offer to their teachers. It’s a really cute and creative idea.