Faucet Extenders – A Practical Kid-Friendly Accessory

Trying to teach the little one how to use the sink? A faucet extender would come in really handy. This is an accessory designed to make the sink and faucet easier to use for toddlers. There are quite a few options on the market.

Faucet extenders for kids

The Aqueduc faucet extender is a popular option. Made of polyurethane plastic, this simple accessory easily fits on most conventional bathroom faucets. Being easy to install and to remove for cleaning and having a cute and practical design, this accessory is designed to simplify and optimize a really basic activity such as washing one’s hands in the sink. The Aqueduc is dishwasher safe and extremely convenient from many points of view.Available for $9.62.

flour scoop faucet extender

If you want, you can use the Aqueduc as inspiration and design your own faucet extender using everyday objects. For example, a pretty great DIY idea is offered on Brightlittlebuttons. The idea suggested here is to use a flour scoop. Cut off the handle, drill a hole and use a zip tie to attach it to the faucet. Now your toddler will be able to wash his hands and brush his teeth at the sink without your help.

Repurpose a Lotion Bottle into a Faucet Extender for Kids

Another simple idea is to transform an empty lotion bottle into a faucet extender for the kids. You’ll have to cut off the top and then cut off another portion so you can attach it to the faucet. Make it as long as you wish, depending on the dimensions of the sink and the design of the faucet.

How to Make a Faucet Extender for Your Kids

A plastic bottle can also be an option. The first step is to cut off the top portion of the bottle. Make the extender longer or shorter, depending on the sink you have. Cut an X in the bottom and attach it to the faucet. There’s really no need for other modifications to be made unless you want to customize this accessory in a special way.