Practical Circula Seating by Taurus Design

An organized party does not always suppose that everything is under control. You can expect to some surprises all the time. This is a tested situation and I can share you from my own experience.

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A few years ago I organized my birthday party and I have invited some friends at my home. The surprise was that some of them came with some other friends of mine from another town that I was not expected to come, of course. So, quickly I had to think of some extra chairs for them too.

Taurus Design shows you Circula Seating. It looks like a bench but the advantage is that you can arrange it in different ways. It may take different shapes, depending on what space you have and the shape you would like to use.It has a modern design and you may arrange it as a flower, a circle or like a wave.

Circula seating 3 470x368View in gallery

Circula seating 3 470x368

It is a beautiful piece for your interior design which will also prove to be very practical.