Practical Camera Lens Mugs

All the time we want to immortalize special moments of our life. These special moments usually remain in our memory but by the help of the camera we can keep them through images using the photos. Ether we have pictures with our kids from their childhood or pictures with wonderful landscapes seen during our journeys, they can be seen in our album or in a mat. If we want to get clear pictures then we need some professional cameras. In time they become indispensable. We will take them with us each time we go on a trip or we can use them to immortalize unique moments of our life.

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What could you do to keep these cameras near you even if they are broken?An interesting idea led to the creation of some mugs from Canon or Nikon camera lenses. Thus, in these camera lens you can pour your and enjoy a coffee watching the pictures that once you have taken with these cameras.

Camera lens mugs 3 500x333

It is a marvelous idea because you can use them as mugs even if they are some broken camera lens. There are also some advantages of using these camera lenses. They keep your coffee or tea hot for a long time and they are easy to clean. At the same time you will surprise your friends with their design and you will help the recycling of these cameras.

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These camera lenses can also be used as flowerpots. It is an unusual use but very practical at the same time.