Practical Book Robot

Two wonderful worlds that have fascinated us since we were kids and definitely will fascinate the next generations too are the fairy tale land of books and the mysterious and full of suspense world of robots. At a certain point these two fascinating worlds melt each other. There are hundreds of science fiction books about robots and there are also made films about them. One of these films is the famous “Universal Solder” where the main role was occupied by Arnold Schwarzenegger .There are also cartoon movies, books for children where the robots are present all over the place.

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Fabio Novembre is a man who took into account the people’s need of reading and their joy of seeing an almost real robot but which was made of metal. He designed a bookcase which takes the shape of a robot of a man’s stature called Robox.

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Robox is a great bookcase which presents all sorts of advantages. One of them is the fact that here you can place books of different sizes and various subjects. A kid would adore its shape which will impress all his friends but the most beautiful thing about Robox is his red heart that makes it look more human and makes you look at it not as a piece of furniture but as someone dear to you.