Practical Book Lamps by Ragip Erdem

Books have always proved to be our best companions. They do not upset us and we can count on them any time. We may take them with us everywhere we please as they are not too heavy and enjoy reading about the wonderful world where they try to introduce us. They have many advantages like: do not occupy too much space, do not bother anyone and they will always be a faithful friend.

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For those who love books and have too many, Ragip Erdem thought of giving them a practical use.He used old books which seemed out of fashion or too precious to be thrown away and transformed them into tiny, glowing sculptures that proved to be very useful and wonderful pieces of decoration.

Actually he created some interesting table and ceiling lamps, made of the pages of a book. Although the book might be old, its design is very modern and surprising.

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Now you have the opportunity to keep your favorite books close to you more than you have ever imagined and take advantage of the wonderful atmosphere that they can create by their beautiful, colored pages or various shapes.They will light up your interiors and your soul too.