Practical and clever wine barrel chiller

When there are so many pretentious and sophisticated wine coolers with designs that hide their intention, it’s very refreshing to find something as simple and inspiring as this piece. This Wine Barrel Chiller is made from an actual barrel. Given the natural shape of the barrel, as well as its size, the conversion seems very natural.

Wine barrel chiller 50 surcharge

The cooler is sitting on an elevated pedestal made of metal. It’s a very thin structure with absolutely no details or decorations as not to steel attention from the actual cooler. The rest is made from a reclaimed oak wine barrel. Of course, the barrel had the looks, size and shape that were perfect for this project but it needed some adjustments as well. The barrel has been lined to insulate the bottles and to keep them cool for many hours.

This simple but very charming wine barrel chiller is perfect to be used outdoors, in the yard, when you make a barbeque and invite your friends and family. It’s very practical and easy to use and ti also had a very charming appearance. Moreover, it features a handy apigot that can be used to drain the melted ice and prevent pooling. The cooler requires assembly and it can be purchased at the price of $398. It measures 28″D x 17″H and it’s very versatile.