Practical and attractive desk for kids

Designed and manufactured by Legare Furniture, the Kids Multi-Pack Workstation provides the perfect environment for your kid to study or to work on his/her projects. It features a full-size 43’’ Straight desk, a 29’’ PDA shelf, a 17’’ CPU shelf and a mobile file cart.

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The structure offers you plenty of shelving storage for all the books or items that you might need. It also has a handy letter-size mobile file cart and built-in cable management. Also, the panels are asymmetrical and reversible, which gives you the option of assembling the piece with the shelves on the left or on the right side, according to your personal preferences.The entire piece is made from non-toxic materials and it has a baked-enamel finish over a tough MDF substrate. The dimensions are 53’’ w x 25’’ d x 40’’ h. It is a very practical piece of furniture that provides you with a nice place to study.Available for 333$.