Poster Hangers And Frames To Structure Your Home Décor With

Displaying posters on the wall using tape was fun and ok at some point but now it’s time to grow up and find a more adequate solution. Poster hangers and frames may be exactly what you need. You can find them in stores, order them online or make them yourself.

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A vintage chart won’t look great behind glass so a different option is needed if you’re to use it n your home’s décor. You can come up with an easy hanger system. Measure the poster and make 4 lengths of wood. Use tape to attach the poster to the wood and then add the cord.{found on yvestown}.

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A poster frame can be easily made using scrap wood. Maybe you can find some leftover pieces in the garage or in the basement. You can use those pieces to make a poster slip frame which you can then customize with your choice of paint color.{found on curbly}.

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Paint the wood a color that matches your poster. For example, this black and white poster has a black frame. You can also use a strong color if you want to highlight the shape of the poster or if you simply wish it to contrast with something.{found on apairandasparediy}.

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Feel free to customize and embellish the poster hanger however you want. You can even make some cute little pom-poms for the corners or you can use ribbon to make a bow.{found on mypoppet}.

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There are numerous strategies you can adopt or several different designs to choose from when crafting the poster hangers. Instead of using tape to attach the poster to the wood, you can use craft paper and dowels to create this kind of design.{found on designmom}.

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Maybe you have some of these vintage wood and metal hangers in your home. They’re great for hanging prints, photos, posters or maps. And if you can’t find any in your home, someone else might be selling them. For example, you can buy these ones for $5.00.

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Poster hangers are also ideal for wall calendars. Find a vintage hanger and paint it or leave it like that. The raw, worn look might work in your favor.