Portage Bay House 2 by Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects

This house is built beautifully and moreover it is affordable depending on the client needs. This modern house is very much suitable for an undisturbed stay and it can create tranquilizing effect since it is located in the waterfront side.

Portage Bay House 2

The house is little bit elevated and it becomes a viewpoint to watch all the sceneries. Apart from this it has got all the required rooms such as master bedroom, kitchen, dining room and bathroom.  It fulfills all the owner’s needs. In addition to this the owner can feel comfortable because of the presence of adjacent houses.

Portage Bay House 221
Portage Bay House 24

The house is built with architectural sense, and it is felt by me when I entered the house. All the facilities together are present in this house.  Mobility will not be a problem since the house is surrounded by neighborhoods. People are looking out for this type of beautiful and affordable houses with eagerness.