Porcelain Leaf Dish

I admire people who work into handcraft business because they use their skills to produce something unique and personalized, something beautiful, almost like a work of art. Each object is different and the native gift is used for making nice things people around will use. This Porcelain Leaf Dish for example is amazing. It looks almost real and it is inspired from nature, yet used in your home. It looks just like a leaf, a Clerodendrum Leaf to be more precise. It is made of porcelain and after that it is glazed with a blue-grey shade. Actually I think the author used a real leaf and after that covered it with a thin layer of transparent porcelain.

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The dish is very delicate and looks incredible, with all the detailed vines and nerves of a natural leaf and it is covered with a totally safe glaze. So you can use it for food, too, even if I would recommend using it for decorative purposes, since it is so nice-looking. As all handcrafted objects it would be better to clean it by hand and not use a dishwasher for cleaning it because it is a bit more fragile than industrial dishes. Any way, I like this dish very much and I think its price ($31) is only fair for the work invested in it.