Poppies Red Bedding by Revelle

When I come home after a very busy day at work I enjoy lying in bed and just resting. So it’s very important for me to have some comfortable and cooling bedding that will allow me the perfect rest and some quality time. So I always purchase cotton bedding because I think this kind of fabric is cooling and refreshing, absorbing the body sweat and perfect for these hot nights in the city. It does not stick to your body and is also soft and nice to touch. But I also like to see some nice patterns on the bedding to make me happy and smiling. That is why I always choose flowers. And this red poppied pattern is totally charming.

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This Poppies red bedding set by Revelle is the perfect combination of red and white, of comfort and good taste. It is machine washable and available in queen size or king size and you can also choose the items you want to be three or four or just the duvet set or the comforter or any other combination at your choice. Make your choice now at Bedding&Bath.