Pop Bedroom Design by Altamoda

Classy and chic, but never vulgar, glamour styling creates a sophisticated, comfortable living environment. The bedroom set from Pop collection by Altamoda is the latest solution to create a bright and glamour interior design .The principal element of this collection is the round bed creating a excellent harmony with violet sideboards decorated by Swarovsky crystals.



The flowers from bathtub and sink are so beautifully, create a bright and glamour interior design. If you love the glamour style then you must take a look.

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There is a lot going on in this bedroom designs. There are a lot of details and decorations that may be too much for some people. It makes it look a little crowded and… not very elegant. More is not always better so keep that in mind when choosing your furniture because you’re going to have to see it and use every day for a long time. This type of interior design would probably be more appreciated by teenagers, for whom the details are never too many or too colored.