Polyurethane furniture by Giovanneti

Another interesting idea, this time coming from Giovanneti. When it comes to furniture, the possibilities are endless, There is a very long list of different materials that can be used, the fabrics, the textures, the colors, the shapes, the sizes, the styles etc, etc. This time the innovation comes with the use of polyurethane to create furniture pieces like stools.

Giovannetti modern art furniture polyurethane 1View in gallery

The result was a surprisingly positive one. This colorful pieces would make a nice addition to any modern home. The Rig collection incorporates several stool designs. Each piece incorporates a gas piston mechanism that allows you to set the required height. They have a chrome steel base that together with the polyurethane structure create a very stable and durable piece of furniture that you’ll have in your home for many years to come.

The stools are also functional, having holes in their designs where you can store different things, like bags of anything else you might find necessary.