Polyethylene Stool with Light

Those who want to be sure they see where they sit, even by night, they should look up for the next product. The item is a combination between a lamp and a stool, but it can also be used as a coffee table or any kind of support. You can use this lamp stool inside your house, but probably the stronger effect will be given by an outdoor use. Just think about how your garden will glow. You will feel like in a firefly paradise.

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The stool was created in 2005 by Aldo Cibic for Serralunga. This polyethylene stool with light is known as PORCINO. The name is given by the electrical equipment which gives the light. The product can be bought with or without the interior lightening. The material from which is made is has also UV rays protection and it is recyclable.

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The stool actually looks like a mushroom. You can order it in different colors, so you can decorate your whole garden with this type of accessory. Besides its useful purpose, the stool is also very nice and joyful. It will make your garden look happy and I you have children it will be a sure delight for them.

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Just think about how these lightened mushrooms could stimulate your child’s imagination.You can also put these lamps along your garden path to light your way back home. Being made for outside use, this plastic material from which the stool is made is actually very resistant at collisions and weather conditions.