Polka Dot Walls Will Pop Anywhere In Your Home!

Decaled, painted, wallpapers or any other technique that may be used when it comes to decorating the walls, prints and patterns can be found in any nook or cranny of your home! And today we’re focusing on the fun and freshness of polka dots. This kid-friendly, woman-friendly and style-friendly design is a classic and timeless way to adorn the house. So sit back, relax and watch as you witness how polka dot walls will pop anywhere your put them!

Colorful Decal

Colorful wall with polk dots

A few, fun and colorful decals could really liven of a child’s playroom, don’t you think? Just confetti them around a bit and even have the kids help out in the design since this look is all about vibrancy!{found on etsy}.

Surprised Charm

Surprised Charm - Gold polka dots

A bit of rusticism and simplicity inside the bathroom is expected but some golden polka dots usually aren’t. And that’s why we are so in love with this innovative decorating idea!{found on apartmenttherapy}.

Spacey 60’s

Large polka dots for a teenage room

Of course you can bring a bit of a retro feel into your decorating scheme. Just look how these polka dots help to transform this room into something with some 1960’s flavoring.

Imperfect Portions

Navy blue and gold polk dots

Navy blue and gold is a gorgeous combination but when you add texture, like you see here, you get something super unique and fashion-forward. The imperfect polka dots make a foyer so much more special too!{found on jujupapers}.

Tiny Dots

Tiny Dots black polka dots

You may even want to go with dots that are on the small side for a precise and contemporary look. A lot or a little can go a long way in terms of texture and personality in rooms that are more minimalistic in style.

Cinderella Style

Cinderella Style Bedroom

Polka dots can be versatile enough to add and include into a set theme. For princess, or more specifically, Cinderella-inspired, rooms you can paint, wallpaper or decal a beautiful print on the wall.{found on wendiyoung}.

Chic Ideas

Entryway Chic Ideas

This timeless print can look quite chic too. Walking right into a home and getting this view would be quite the treat, don’t you think? And just think of the great impression it has on every guest that visits.

Rain Falling

Rain Falling Polk dots

Creating a polka dot wall doesn’t always have to be precise, you can do some unique and different things with decals and the like. Just look at this “rain falling” design that certainly adds a bout of personalization to the space.

Handmade Swatches

Handmade Swatches

Polka dot walls don’t even have to necessarily be dots, just look at this handmade wall! It’s subtle, refreshing and gives an extra bit of texture and depth to a room that looks great when layered with decor flavor.{found on abeautifulmess}.

Big Pops

Big pops for bedroom

You may want something super youthful and flirtatious and if so you’ll want to look at this fun accent wall for inspiration. You can paint or find extra-large wall decals that will make your polka dots something to admire!

Blush Fun

Nursery corner with polk dots

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest. This little one’s room has so much detail and gorgeous accent, including the blush polka dots that were added to the window’s wall.

Midnight Luster

Midnight Luster bedroom wallpaper with polk dots

Fortunately, you can find polka dot wallpaper that has an edge, mystery or bit of masculinity. Just take this bedroom for example, with this midnight blue tones and lustrous dots.


Tone on tone polk dots for office

If you want something soft and neutral but interesting too try a tone-on-tone neutral polka dot design. We love this look for a chic and fashionable home office or even the bathroom.

Metallic Design

Metalic Design polk dots

Mix your metallics and have a bit of fun when creating your overall polka dot design in your home. We love this eclectic, cascading effect that adds something different to a more traditional bedroom.

Two Levels

Two Levels

The entire wall doesn’t even have to be covered in polka dots. Instead, go half-in with the design. The bottom here is a gorgeous blue and then the polka dots float beautifully above.{found on stephenalexanderhomes}.

Geo Lines

Geometric style with polk dots

For something ultra contemporary and cool, go for a look that’s much for geometric in overall design. It’s all in how you place your polka dots, so use this as wonderful inspiration!{found on heathermerenda}.

Ceiling Dressed

Ceiling dressing with polk dots

The ceiling counts as a wall too which means you can add your polka dots up high. Whether it’s a “normal” ceiling or one that slates or has beams, do what inspires you and feels right!

Wind Blown

Gold wind blow

You can also have those dots blowing across the walls, if you place them just right. This bedroom gets an extra bit of fashion-forward energy just by adding these golden pieces.

Girlish Modernism

Girlish attic bedroom

Spirited and youthful, these polka dots were placed “just so” for a modern edge. But the room was made for someone who embodies a feminine spirit, with all of that fuchsia and purple it’s too much fun not to love.{found on thwinteriordesign}.

Subtle Neutrals

Subtle nursery room decor

Look how romantic and sweet these dots look scattered around this little one’s nursery! We’re loving the combination of cream, white and a bit of beige for a timeless nursery.{found on missioncustombuilders}.