Poker Furniture Set Design

A game that was forbidden at its beginnings then it became a real sport and here we refer to the poker game which asks for a specific location too.

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Kaira D’Or has managed to create this specific atmosphere for the poker game by designing this living room table which together with its six, white chairs that have the backside printed with images of playing cards form an ergonomic furniture set .The background image for this furniture set matches perfectly with its poker game design because it is a reflection of the same image but in more colored nuances like red, white and black.

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This furniture set will always take us to a fairy tale land like Alice’s Wonderland where we can meet the famous characters based on the image of playing cards. The Poker Furniture Set will also always be a nice surprise for our guests when they will see that from a cabinet at a first sight we will get a table and six chairs in the end.

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For those who love this game and not only for them this furniture set will always find its usefulness in the house. As the atmosphere for playing poker is created by the background image and the table and chairs are set the only thing that we can say is “let the cards to be done!”