Pojagi House – a two-dimensional house

The house in the picture is the “Pojagi” type, under the signature of MDS architects. Located in Yokohama-City,Kanagawa,Japan, the house was built using pojagi fabrics, under the concept of tsuzukima, a space full of traditional Japanese mats. The sliding doors are perfect; shutting them, the space can be used as small rooms, while opening them, everything becomes a unique wide-open space, impossible not to like.

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Thus, you can obtain intimacy, when needed, but also an extended space for larger groups of people, even for parties. Among the elements that play an important role in the design of the house, the square wooden pillars and the movable pojagi change everything in the simple two-dimensional space, providing all sorts of different scenes and adding a new perspective through the Korean cloth.

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From outside this place seems simple and serious in its dark shades, while the interior offers a new perspective over the entire atmosphere, calm and serene, thanks to the generally warm tones. The warmth given by the pleasant colors used everywhere around creates an inviting air.

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Every space, every floor, every wall, every curtain, every furniture piece reveals simplicity, good taste and the pojagi fabrics unify the entire environment into a unique universe that will definitely make anyone feel at ease. The wide windows and the warm curtains let the light warm this inviting space and provide the best green view ever!{pictures by Toshiyuki Yano}.