Traditional Design Gets A Poetic Twist In A Bucharest Apartment

Every region and every country has its own particularities when it comes to pretty much everything. Interior design is no exception. If you visit Romania, for example, you’ll notice that the old houses and apartments have this well-defined layout where the kitchen is a separate room the same as the living space, bedroom and service areas. In some cases you can still catch a glimpse at what traditional interior design looks like.

Poem Boem apartment social areaView in gallery
The renovated apartment blends old and new in a very harmonious way
Poem Boem apartment living areaView in gallery
Some of the original design elements have been preserved and restored
Poem Boem apartment hallway and livingView in gallery
The doors are the original ones and they add a vintage twist to the new design

It’s these unique particularities that the Jazzy apartment from Poem Boem manages to capture in its interior design. The apartment was recently renovated. Instead of getting rid of all the old archtiectural and design elements, the designers chose to preserve some of them and to make them a part of the new decor which is this beautiful mix of modern and traditional.

Poem Boem apartment reconditioned doorsView in gallery
The overall style is inspired by Scandinavian interiors, featured a light color palette
Poem Boem apartment hallway benchView in gallery
A lot of reclaimed wood was used throughout in the form of unique furniture pieces
Poem Boem apartment pendant lampView in gallery
Special attention was given to the lighting in all the rooms of the apartment

This is a three-room apartment with a surface of around 70 square meters. Inside, you can find a charming dialogue between traditional Romanian art and modern elements, both of which are influenced by the other. The result is an apartment which offers a sense of familiarity, which makes you feel right at home. There’s poetry in every little detail and this contributes to a really wonderful ambiance.

Poem Boem apartment dining tableView in gallery
The apartment has a well-defined layout with clear barriers between the spaces
Poem Boem apartment dining chairsView in gallery
The dining area is a really charming space thanks to all the design details
Poem Boem apartment dining roomView in gallery
The dining table has wooden legs and a concrete top and it blends in really well

The furniture and decorations were all carefully chosen. They had to complement each other and to highlight and enhance the beauty of the apartment. In the dining area there’s this stylish table with a round concrete top and tapered woodene legs. It’s complemented by a set of chairs which seem to come from a bohemian garden.

Poem Boem apartment console tableView in gallery
Open shelves were chosen for the space in order to maintain an open and bright ambiance
Poem Boem apartment hallway lightingView in gallery
Strategically positioned benches, mirrors and accent lights make every little space feel cozy
Poem Boem apartment tree stump tableView in gallery
In the living room, a minimalist two-seater sofa is complemented by a tree stump coffee table
Poem Boem apartment woden tableView in gallery
The table adds this rustic feel to the room while keeping in tone with the rest of the eclectic decor

In the living room, a tree stump coffee table sits in front of a minimalist gray sofa. A matching chair sits in the corner and the space is illuminated by cord pendant lamps which highlight the beautiful texture of a brick accent wall which has been painted white.

Poem Boem apartment bedroom layoutView in gallery
The bedroom is a really interesting space because of some existing features
Poem Boem apartment bedroom pendanView in gallery
Notice the pendant lamp that has a very delicate glow
Poem Boem apartment bedroom decorView in gallery
The furniture in here has this lightweight and casual look which makes the room really cozy

The bedroom is particularly charming. It has a reclaimed wood desk and a bench at the foot of the bed. There was also this old traditional heater similar to a wood-burning stove which the designers preserved and integrated into the new decor.

Poem Boem apartment bedroom benchView in gallery
Once again, a bench completes the interior design of the room
Poem Boem apartment bedroom stoveView in gallery
There was this old stove in the bedroom which the interior designers chose to preserve
Poem Boem apartment bathroom shelves
A ladder-style shelving unit offers extra storage to the room
Poem Boem apartment bathroom showerView in gallery
The bathroom features the original floor tiles
Poem Boem apartment bathroom wall shelvesView in gallery
A series of open shelves offer storage while keeping the room spacious