POD Capsules Reinvent Modern Traveling

Capsule hotels were created in Japan as cheap and simple accommodation for guests in need of overnight lodging. Such a place is the POD Hotel in Singapore designed by Formwerks Architects. In today’s world these places exist all around the globe and in different variations. Some of them offer a functional experience, while others, like the POD, go all the way to impress its guests with well-designed interiors.

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Situated near the central business district and the hip shopping destinations Haji Lane. The POD is designed for communal living and tourists on a budget.The unique hotel houses 83 capsules that present a minimalistic and contemporary style.

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POD Hotel Singapore

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Guests have the possibility of choosing between single PODs which are divided in front-entry pods (for more privacy) and side-entry pods (for more locker space) or couple PODs. For even more privacy they came up with female-only PODs.

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What’s more the architects created these capsules keeping in mind privacy and comfort. Every POD has several features that make them user-friendly, such as personal lockers which are accessed with a keycard, a personal reading light, a fold-down table and a pull-down blind. The hotel also provides complimentary laundry service, hot buffer breakfast and high speed Wi-Fi access.

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The Pod hotels are the hottest trend in modern travel. They provide comfort without giving up style and all of this at low prices (starting at $53). The POD Singapore is a place worth mentioning to all of your friends.