How to Add Plywood To Your Home Decor

In the last few years, as the popularity of Scandinavian interior decorating has been on the rise, the call to decorate with wood has also increased. It only takes a little of the warm brown grain to bring even the brightest whitest space to life. If you’re mind went to dark antique treasures, you can put that away. The kind of wood I’m talking about is light with a very noticeable grain, just like you find in… plywood. Yes, plywood is the new decoration sensation because it’s so easy to work with as well as easy on the wallet. Check out these 10 ways to add plywood to your home decor and bring your Scandinavian style to a new dimension.

Plywood floors

When you think about places you would naturally find wood in your home, the brain goes right to the floor. Wood floors are so easy to clean and maintain even in the busiest homes. If your wood floor is a little battered or maybe you’re wanting to replace your carpet with grain, use plywood to cover the space on a dime. (via House Seven)

Plywood cabinets

I just couldn’t get over these plywood kitchen cabinets! It isn’t the first thing that comes to mind but when you see it, it totally makes sense. When you build your cabinets out of such an affordable material, you can use the extra moolah to get those marble countertops you’ve been dying for. (via Made Architects)

Plywood ceilings

Do you live in a space with an open and ugly ceiling? Plywood can fix that. Just nail a piece over your head and it will hide all the wires and pipes and other imperfections you’d rather not be seeing every day. (via The Design Files)

Plywood storage

One obvious use for such a gorgeous pale wood is storage. It would be so easy to build your own unique shelves to store pantry items and dishes or books and toys or even all the crafting materials for your business. (via Inside Out)

Plywood backsplash

One of the great things about plywood is the slightly raised grain. Use a long piece as your kitchen backsplash and paint it to blend. Not only is it a simple solution, you’ll be surprised how modern the feel is when you’re done. (via Stylizimo)

Plywood closet doors

At some point, you’ve probably lived in a home with those folding closet doors that make you cringe each morning when you get dressed. I vote that we replace all of those doors with beautiful plywood doors. They’re so clean and yet add so much. (via My Design Style)

Plywood wall cover

Forget wallpaper. If you need a wall covering, use a piece of plywood. Even the raw un-stained grain will give your space a modern and clean feel that no wallpaper pattern ever could. (via Service Central)

Plywood bookshelf

Open shelves have been the rage for a while now. You can have yours up this weekend if you use simple plywood boards. May I suggest putting a coat of gold spray paint on the brackets? (via Vintage Revivals)

Plywood furniture

There is so much furniture made from plywood nowadays. You can buy tables and credenzas and headboards and kitchen islands all made in that beautiful pale grain. Or you can scour Pinterest for the DIY versions. Either way, it will make a nice addition to any space. (via One Forty Three)

Plywood wardrobe

If you enjoy Scandinavian decorating, you have to have something shaped as a house in your home. This open wardrobe is the perfect mix of wood and clean lines and simple storage. And just another example of how plywood can even help you in your closet! (via Deko)