Plis outdoor pendant lamp by Ramos & Bassols

This simple and elegant pendant lamp is part of the Plis outdoor collection. It was designed by Ramos & Bassols and it’s mainly for outdoor use. The collection also includes a floor lamp featuring a similar design and the same elegant silhouette. In fact, the lamp shades are identical. The only difference is that the floor lamp has a sleek metal base instead of a hanging system.

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The pendant lamp doesn’t look like a typical outdoor lamp. It’s elegant and it seems quite fragile. Nevertheless, it was designed to be durable and to resist to typical outdoor conditions. The pendant lamp basically consists of a white lampshade with a minimalist look and no details other than the soft lines. The materials used are chrome canopy and white lacquer with polyethylene diffuser.

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Since it’s a pendant lamp you’ll have to find a place to hang it from, like maybe a tall three or an already existing structure that you might have in your yard, garden or terrace. Even though it’s very elegant and beautiful, I would probably choose the floor lamp instead, just because it’s more functional and it offers more flexibility of use. Both lamps are available only in white. They can be used in gardens, on terraces, near a table or bench or any other gathering area. It basically offers endless freedom when it comes to the décor.