Playful Jigsaw Puzzle Stools

I am a fan of puzzles and this interlocking puzzle stools instantly caught my attention. Their design is at least interesting and not to mention that these are indeed functional and can be used with any occasion without a big effort. If I really look at them I can also see more possibilities than seating. I can very easily see this ensemble functioning as a marvelous coffee table. It doesn’t matter if you have an interior with rustic accents because these are fun and could work with almost everything.

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Each piece costs around $225 and you can buy one or as a set. As you can see there is a color scheme consisting of silver and natural. The material can be categorized as exotic because is mango wood straight from India.

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Each individual piece measures about 22.5 inches W x 14 inches D x 17 inches H and as you can see they fit pretty much everywhere.On the other hand I did puzzles and I know that some requires a lot of attention and most of all time. Taking these things into consideration I don’t know I would want to stay on these stools a few hours and solve a big puzzle because they aren’t comfortable. The solid wood will make your behind become numb after awhile and you’ll have to be careful with those notches and edges too because they can be real annoying when you try to get up.