The playful Banana Chair by WamHouse

Chairs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. But while you expect to see variations in terms of color, size, shape and decorative details, a chair shaped like a banana would take anyone by surprise. This playful chair is actually called Zjedzony but its shape dares us to call it banana chair. The chair was designed by WamHouse and it’s actually shaped like a banana.

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The resemblance with the fruit is amazing. The chair was carefully designed to resemble a banana, all while still being a comfortable piece of furniture. Zjedzony means “eaten” in Polish, a term that accurately describes the chair. This cheerful piece of furniture reinvents the chair as we know it. It has a modern design with an original and unusual shape. It’s also a luxuriously-looking piece of furniture that would make a very eye-catching addition to any type of space.

Banana chairView in gallery

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Since the chair is so odd-looking, it’s difficult to say what it was specifically designed for. It’s a chair that would make an original addition to private homes but that would also be an interesting choice for public spaces, maybe for waiting areas or large shops or malls. The Zjedzony chair cleverly combined the practicality and functionality of a regular chair with the strangeness of its design. It’s a fun piece of furniture with an eye-catching design and a cheerful combination of color tones.