Playful apartment in Finland

This colorful penthouse apartment is located in Turku, Finland and it features a playful version of the minimalist Scandinavian interior décor. The apartment was recently renovated by Rome-based architect Maurizio Giovannoni. The client requested a bright interior with a relaxing living room where he could work.

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The architect opted for a Scandinavian interior design but decided to make it a little more colorful and playful than usual. To make this compact apartment bright and filled with natural light, some of the walls had to be knocked down. This meant that the internal structure would change. And since that decided, the client and the architect also agreed to change the location of the bedroom and the living room. Then the two came up with a colorful design for the apartment. The architect came up with the idea of mixing together the best elements from Finnish and Italian designs. He wanted to create something new and original using elements that he was very familiar with.

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The apartment is a mix of local Birch wood, Finnish vintage pieces and contemporary Italian design. The décor is a rich combination of vibrant colors and playful patterns. The nature-themed wallpaper from the living room is a simple and yet very eye-catching detail. The furniture throughout the apartment is also a mix of old and new and, even though there are many elements that have nothing in common, in here they blend together beautifully and the result is a fresh and new approach.